Get married in Denmark

Prices starting at 595€

It is easy to get married in Denmark

Why get married in Denmark

  • When it comes to getting married in Denmark, things are not as complicated as in other countries.
  • With Wedding Island you can have your wedding ceremony in four different languages: Danish, German, English and Spanish.
Have a romantic beach wedding in Denmark

Why Wedding Island?

  • We are only one hour from the German border, including a 12 minutes ferry ride.
  • We have the Registry Office just around the corner, with whom we work very closely with.
  • We also organize weddings in Copenhagen.
Get married legal in denmark

Express Weddings

  • You can get married on Saturdays at no extra cost.
  • Witnesses will be provided for free of charge.
  • Let the photos and recommendations speak for themselves on our Facebook page for Wedding Island Fanø.

Civil Wedding in Denmark

  • We offer different wedding alternatives, whether you are in a hurry to get married or have planned this day a long time in advance.
  • A Town Hall Wedding on Fanø is very intimate and special experience, with plenty of time in nice surroundings.

Celebrating in Denmark

  • We are a locally based company, which means you will not be alone. We are right beside you to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Being local also means that we know exactly how to help you, whether your wishes concern affordable accommodation or the perfectrestaurant to host your wedding dinner.

Beach Wedding in Denmark

  • Fanø is an amazing and perfectlocation for a Beach Wedding with a 15 km long sandy beach, facing the North Sea. The atmosphere and light on Fanø is purely breathtaking
  • No matter which alternative you decide on, we will get the paperwork done and give you all the advice you need.