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I was born and bred on Fanø, with my island-ancestors going back many generations. Eight years ago I returned to my native island after 18 years of studying and working in mainly Copenhagen and Valencia, Spain. Becoming a mother was the main reason to return to Fanø, but also my husband longed to live on the west coast of Denmark, as he is a former professional windsurfer. Living on Fanø has proven to be the right decision for our family, as this is the most beautiful place for creativity and romance.

I promise you I will do everything I can to make your wedding go as smoothly as possible.

I make this promise because;

  • It makes me happy when couples who have spent all their summer holidays on the island get married and have now chosen Fanø, as the location for this very special day
  • It makes me happy when the soldier gets to marry the love of his life
  • It makes me happy when gender, nationalities and borders are not a hindrance to love.

Together on Fanø we can make almost anything happen!

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